One of the aspects that most concern the entrepreneurs who decide to have a site by Internet is the investment that must do for the project. For this reason, in Mindweb we have developed a clear and precise list with the website price that adapts to your possibilities and satisfies the particular requirements.

When it comes to professional advice for the construction of these virtual spaces, it is essential to consider a number of elements that influence the price professional website. For example, the type of language that will be used to develop the site or the content manager to be used.

And you will surely wonder why some companies charge a lot of money and few others … The truth is that it all depends on the skills of the professionals working there, the experience and the desire to see others arise in this digital world. These are elements that influence the cost that a company presents for your project.

Therefore, we have established some proposals so that interested clients know where the strategy will be focused. This way, before contacting our team of experts, you can already have an idea of ​​what you will spend.


Web page price: custom solutions

Now, what happens if you do not have a large amount of money to hire this service? As specialists in this area, we are aware that having a website is indispensable in these times. That’s why you can take advantage of the basic website price, which includes a single page, form, Google Maps, in one language, Gallery, Premium theme, blog, Google Analytics and 1 year free maintenance, for only € 150.

And in the event that you are betting on e-commerce as a source of income, you have the opportunity to enjoy a good price website online store, with different plans ranging from € 600, up to € 1500. Of course, everything will depend on your financial capabilities and the intentions you have with the business.

At Mindweb we want you to get the best price website and be satisfied with the results obtained. So it does not matter if it starts with a basic plan, because we are sure that with our orientation, will climb in this digitized universe to the top.

Do not hesitate to see our price list or contact us!

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